I have two teenagers!

Happy birthday to my younger daughter, who turns 13 today. This involves nine girls hanging out at the beach for a while, then coming back home for – yikes-a slumber party. Sanity will be slightly diminished.
Right now they are all changing and showering off the sand and lake-slime. And consuming every towel in the house, of course. I’m just going to hide a little bit until the giggling subsides and they all show up dressed. Waiting for pizzas from Fat Lorenzo’s. Then an ice cream cake and miscellaneous chips etc.

Fortunately Sarah seems to be the sanest person in the house. No caffeinated beverages or pop requested.

Not thinking real deep thoughts today. Maybe tomorrow….
Been pondering –
Confirmation bias
Reductionist approaches vs. emergent systems
Chaos & contingency (a counterpoint to the earlier post about determinism)


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