Getting back to work soon…

I was asked by my faculty development group to put together a workshop for the upcoming “Duty Days”, three days of mandatory pre-term meetings during which, if you are lucky, there might be four hours of useful time. Here’s my effort to make one of those hours useful. It’s loosely based on POGIL and stuff I learned from some PKAL workshops I went to a few years ago.

“Developing Guided Worksheets to Build Student Skills”
Students know more than they think they do. By carefully constructing a class exercise to guide students from basic content through applications, you can stretch your students’ abilities in a confidence-affirming way. In this workshop, instructors will use the “seven-Ex” model to build guided inquiry worksheets suited to in-class group assignments.


Instructor presents examples of rules, equations, etc.


Students look at the provided data, pictures, examples, or rules. Simple questions are posed to guide the exploration and insure understanding.


Students look for common themes or conceptual background to the main idea.


Problem-working to test & reinforce concepts.


Students self-examine to assess their own understanding of the topic. “How did you approach…” or “What would you say to someone who couldn’t do Problem 3”?


Students share their ideas and results with other groups.


Relates current topic to past and future topics. Fit topic into larger concept map.


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