Dance like a little kid!

Yesterday I had the chance to go to a beautiful wedding in a state park. The couple, my neighbors, planned it all to fit their tastes and their unique personalities and special love.

The bride’s niece is about three, and she knows our family, loves the girls. She was terrifically well behaved during a long day – it helped that there was plenty to do and lots of other kids to play with there.

As usual, there was dancing after the ceremony. (The groom’s dog, inseparable, “danced” too.) This little girl was filled with the joyful innocence of dancing just because it feels good to move with the music. She lived out the saying “dance like nobody’s watching.” It was really fun and freeing to watch her go wild. And she dances as freely and as arrhythmically as do most kids that age. So do I, when I’m not quite as hot & tired & middle-aged & stuffed as I was last night.

So congratulations to my great neighbors. May your marriage be as beautiful and special as your wedding. And, should you decide to have your own children, may they be as wonderful as little Zoë.


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