WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter

I’ve been using WordPress for a couple weeks now and liking it. It gives me an opportunity for more long-form writing, which means a few minutes of reflection every day. And making a daily post is a heck of a lot better than spending that time playing Angry Birds.

So I just had a little thought. Compare the long-form permanence of a blog to medium-form, medium duration of Facebook to the ultra-short evanescence of Twitter. Perhaps I was inspired by the tweeting of birds outside my window?

So I got onto my Twitter account, for the first time in 11 months, also as Chemprofdave, (branding, dude!) and posted this haiku as my 12th tweet:

Leaving group breaks off
Forming carbocation
SN1, first step

Yes, twitter is the haiku form of social media. That clocked in at 78/140 characters, so okay…

And Facebook is the limerick form, at least as I use it. Short, funny, unserious.

And now. Blogging, long-form, the epic poems and serious work (not that haiku isn’t art, but you get my drift.)

Why do I go on FB multiple times a day, WordPress daily, and Twitter rarely? Does FB hit the happy medium, “neither rare nor well done”, to quote Fred Allen?

Twitter doesn’t appeal to me because it’s not about words. It’s all hash tags and shortened URL links. Also, the name connotes shallowness and transience – no more significant than the tweets of a bird in a tree, plus”twit“.

Facebook is my outlet for sarcasm and humor. Short, silly, and especially responding to the awesome non sequiturs that my brother-in-law comes up with.

Now, WordPress. I want these little brain droppings to have more permanence than the rapidly scrolling Facebook feed. Also, more time to compose, save drafts, and fix typos and autocorrect errors after publishing.

So one more thing. I got a few followers the first week. WordPress kindly notifies me a lot. (Hi, Dad!) But a couple of the followers are clearly people who “follow” everybody that makes it to their Freshly Pressed feed, in hopes of a reciprocal follow. There’s no way someone can truly follow 3,000 blogs. So if I am “following” your blog, it’s because I have read and liked (personally) at least a couple of your posts. And if you are following me for the same reason, great. But if you’re just a follow whore”, you probably aren’t reading this anyway. One of my follow whores is trying to make a living blogging and contract writing/editing. She has an embarrassing grammatical error in her blog’s name. That might be why you have to tag all your posts “begging for money”.
I don’t give a crap about the follower count. Making a difference through my writing, perhaps even engaging in a meaningful comment conversation, is why I’m doing this.


One thought on “WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter

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