Retention of goals…

So, the other day I misplaced my ID badge, which also serves as a copier-access card and an electronic door key. Without it I can’t get into the chem stockroom and have to borrow someone else’s card to make copies. PITA.

Much frantic searching ensued. Briefcase? Nope. Office (freshly cleaned after summer session)? Nope. Home, where all my pocket stuff like keys, wallet, etc goes? Nope. On the floor near there? Nope. Under the bed, perhaps sloppily kicked there? Nope. Left in a pants pocket? Nope. Try the office again? Nope.
This went on for a couple days, increasingly desperate. Not that it’s irreplaceable, but standing in line during the first week of classes would be a humongous pain in the patoot.
Finally, I ransacked the (already examined) car, and found it wedged between the passenger seat and center console.

You know the old saying, “You always find something in the last place you look”? And its easy rebuttal, “because once you find it, you quit looking.”

Well, I’m not sure that’s entirely true. An intense search tends to imprint itself on me, so that I kept (subconsciously) looking for it even after I’d found the damn thing. And that made me remember that the same thing happens, sometimes, with an item I’m shopping for. For example, I had a Chiminea, one of those terra-cotta outdoor fireplaces. It shattered this spring as I was trying to level the stand. So I spent a few weeks searching for a replacement, long enough to imprint the search on my brain. Even though I eventually found an adequate, but not as good, replacement at the Home Despot (sic) I still have this little tickle…

What quirk of psychology keeps that going? Is there an evolutionary function that preserves the urge to hunt? Or is it just a case of “forgetting to forget”?

Anyway, an interesting thought du jour.

To my myriad of fans & followers, sorry for no post yesterday. It was a very busy day and at the end I was in no state to blog – too exhausted & emotionally spent. So to make it up to you, here’s a blues tune. “They call me Stormy Monday, but Tuesday’s just as bad.”


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