Hug a nerd today.

I looked over the challenge instructions for this year’s FIRST Robotics Lego Challenge. It’s about natural disasters and the things we need to survive them. I watched the official board challenge video on YouTube and saw an engineer, Scott, who was very uncomfortable on the camera. He seemed to be a typical engineer-nerd type, making his way through the robot challenges and talking about why he designed them the way he did.

It struck me that a couple of times this man referred to our need to know where our loved ones (including pets) are in a disaster. Here’s this guy, so clearly having difficulty with the abstract interaction of a camera for thousands of anonymous viewers, and he has a family that he cares about. Even me, a self-declared introvert, would agree that knowing where your family is counts for a lot. (In the board challenge, getting people together earns points, getting them together in a “safe zone” earns more points.)

I’m sure I’ll blog more about GEMS, and the challenges of mentoring middle-school girls one afternoon a week, in the future. For now, though, wanted to dash off this post saying “even introverted nerds need love”. Of course, if you just walk up to a random nerd and hug him, he might spontaneously combust. But it’s worth a try.

swiped from here – thanks.


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