Syria , again

Current world news is that Syria might be pressured by their Russian buddies into giving up their chemical weapons stash in exchange for being left alone to murder their people with AK-47s.

Good, I’m relieved that this arsenal won’t be available to the Assad regime to use against their own population, or in a retaliation strike against Israel (not impossible after a US cruise missile strike).
And I’m even more relieved that those poisons won’t fall into the hands of jihadis who capture them from the Syrian government.

So then we can all stand back and let the dictator and the extremists battle it out. Meanwhile, a third of the population is made refugees, and thousands or tens of thousands more are killed. It counts as an “internal” problem, though, meaning “not our” problem.

If any good side can come of this, it will be that the Arab world sees that neither secular dictatorship nor Islamic dictatorship is a path they want to choose. I hope that somehow, the patent failures of extremes on all sides begins to show. Maybe, just maybe, a pluralistic liberalism can be tried after all other options have been exhausted.


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