Pay for birth control or pay for babies.

Want to avoid paying for birth control? Pay for pregnancy instead.
Some groups, for religious or “religious” reasons, want to NOT pay their insurance companies to provide contraceptive care with no co-pays. Never mind that the insurance companies would much rather pay zero-deductible birth control than maternity coverage.

The recent Hobby Lobby was one case, now here’s another one.
Catholic-run hospitals and schools have been doing it too, but at least they are already on record as opposing birth control when the only consequence was making lots of little catholics.

Okay. You want to play that?

New law: if you refuse to provide birth control coverage for your employees, you must provide zero-deductible coverage for all pregnancy, birth, and infant care for your employees and their babies (including babies of male employees) for all employees & contractors, regardless of hours worked, immediately upon hiring and extending for one full year from the date of last employment.

If that is a financial burden to you, it’s just money versus your interpretation of god’s will. Really, not a tough choice at all. If god wants you to have huge profits she will take care of unplanned pregnancies for you. And if god wants your employees to breed like rabbits, she’ll take care of that and give you bountiful profits to pay all their expenses. Plus you probably ought to give raises to your employees who are trying to feed big families.

It’s your moral obligation. How could anyone oppose that?

Oh, and how about maternity leave? Cover that, too. If your religion suggests that women with children should stay home to take care of them, you probably ought to pay your workers enough that they can support a (large) family on one salary.

If those suggestions seem outrageous, maybe you haven’t really thought through your religious beliefs regarding sexuality (and its frequent result) as much as you should.


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