Add a Dock divider in Lion

I’ve got Parallels installed on my MacBook. Most of the time I don’t have much use for Windows, but the one thing that I do like is that ChemDraw structures are double-click editable in Word & PowerPoint. Even the great competitor ChemDoodle can’t do that in Mac Word.

So, since the geniuses at Microsoft can’t make Mac & Windows apps with the same flippin’ menus, I am going to use Windows Word under Parallels instead of Mac Word. (As an educator I can get both of those even cheaper than Apple’s iWork apps.)

I want to have my windows apps in the dock like Mac apps, but distinguished: so add a divider.

Here’s how. I start off with this trick to make blank icons in the dock. That’s nice, but I wanted the little dashed-line separator instead. (No go, seems like it can’t be done.) Looking for it, though led me to this other set of tips. You can make a Recent Applications (or Recent Documents) item and make the mouse pointer hilight the item it’s over. Note that the tip in the link has a mistake: it should be

defaults write mouse-over-hilite-stack -boolean YES

(they left out one “i” in “hilite”)

So, cool. Here’s the result (click to embiggen)

Modified Dock

Modified Dock

Notice there’s a blank space between iBooks Author (orange) and Parallels’ MS Word icon, also notice that the Naming Game powerpoint is highlighted in the Recent Items popup.


PS: WordPress informs me this is my 50th post. Yay for me.


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