The waning days of summer…

It’s officially autumn now. These clear September evenings are a beautiful time for getting in some picnics, and last night was a good one. We often go out to a local pizza joint with a few friends on Thursday evenings, but decided to forgo that in favor of grilling and a picnic. There’s very little as pleasant as hanging around outdoors as the warm evening turns to cool dusk. Good conversation, bratwurst, Oktoberfest beers, salad & watermelon from the farmers market, capped with a couple s’mores toasted in the Chiminea.

It’s all the sweeter because here in Minnesota we know that those opportunities are scarce and growing scarcer. The long winter is coming. The long nights pretty well eliminate evening picnics when it gets dark at 4:30. And lawn chairs lose their attraction if you have to dig them out of the snow first. Although there are lots of great winter sports, such as the 100-Yard Slog, Car Pushing, and Extreme Shoveling, only lunatics like my down-the -block neighbor go biking.

So enjoy another few days or, if we’re lucky, weeks of pleasant evenings.


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