Is there “junk” in my life? Oh heck yes.

Daily Prompt: Clean House.

Is there “junk” in your life? What kind? How do you get rid of it?

Yeah, I jot junk. I got stuff, I got baggage, I got issues. Some people have more, some less. But we all have experiences that shape our personalities.
For some of us, that “junk” shows up as physical objects. I really don’t like getting rid of things. At the same time, I am also not that fond of tidying up. The result is clutter, and plenty of it. I don’t think it comes quite to this level, though. Are there “unresolved mental health issues surrounding loss”? Oh, probably.

It does sometimes feel like a humongous job. That sense of overwhelming ness And busy-ness, and feeling like time spent cleaning is less productive than “working” time and less relaxing than “vegging” time. I don’t mind cleaning the kitchen (as long as I’m not the only one to do it), because that’s public family space and because it’s a very finite job with visible, tangible results. So, maybe a goal would be to break the huge task of cleaning the basement, Tool Hoarder Central, into manageable chunks, allow myself time to do just one chunk, and appreciate that result. Oh, and crank up some Grateful Dead jams and/or Car Talk podcasts, while I’m at it, since that annoys the rest of the family.

As for the psychological junk? I try to cope, to maintain some stability. I’ve got the nagging thoughts most people do – the inner critic, the inner guide, and the inner defender. Sometimes that inner critic gets the upper hand. I do try to practice cognitive-behavioral and dialectical-behavioral skills. I try to exercise occasionally. I try to remember that, most of the time, people mean well and that a request isn’t (usually) a nag.

Recently, I was challenged by my daughter to clean off the top of my dresser, which had been an accumulation point for junk for quite a few years.

20130930-213123.jpg 20130930-213256.jpg

It was far more painful to think about it than to actually do it. I actually got pretty upset that I was being ordered to do this (long story!)
A lot of stuff, yes, got thrown out. Several bucks in loose change got rounded up.

20130930-214302.jpg 20130930-214144.jpg

Now, what kind of encouragement will it take for this….


You know, that actually looks both pretty bad, and kind of manageable.


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