Apocalypse When?

Today, September 30, is the last day before the Apocalypse.

Which apocalypse depends on what your particular fears are.
As so often happens, the topic for today is a reflection on a New York Times article.

Are we going to have an apocalypse because Obamacare is coming in on Tuesday? Or maybe because a chunk of the federal government is going to get shut down?

Maybe the apocalypse will wait a few weeks until the debt ceiling crisis happens.

Maybe it will be from global warming, radiation from Fukushima unleashing a 21st century Godzilla, or a bioterrorism plague that gets out of hand.

Maybe it will be a ten mile wide comet we overlooked because the NASA guy who was supposed to be on telescope duty next week was furloughed because of the shutdown.

Maybe all those religious nuts are right and it’s the Second Coming, although since “no one knows the day nor hour“, you can automatically dismiss anyone who claims to.

Maybe it will be apologetic space aliens, sorry about the delay but traffic round Alpha Centauri was a mess, can you believe some beings, and what ever happened to all those Heaven’s Gate people that were waiting for us.

Maybe it will be zombies devouring all those sucker liberals who aren’t up to their armpits in guns and canned goods.

But meanwhile, there are papers to grade, children to hug, dishes to do and sunshine to enjoy. So while you wait for whatever apocalypse is headed our way, please have a nice day.

And clean up after yourself, so the archaeologists in a few millennia won’t think you’re such a darn slob.


One thought on “Apocalypse When?

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