Poverty of money or poverty of compassion?

The other day I blogged a little about defaulting on the debt and the trend of states with high Republican vote percentages to also have high ratios of federal dollars received to federal taxes paid. While “researching” – okay, web-surfing- I began to wonder if maybe it was because the conservative states have a lot of poor people, many of whom are non-white. I wasn’t going to go there, on account of the race-card version of Godwin’s Law, but Paul Krugman did.

Maybe that also helps explain the mysterious neglect of poverty by the Christian Right. They’d much rather focus on sexual immorality than on economic immorality. Because focusing on the poor means focusing, at least more than they usually have to, on minorities? Because it’s easier to blame poverty on the poor, for their bad decisions regarding sexual behavior and drug abuse, than to take responsibility for preventing poverty by ponying up for good schools?


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