Crisis averted… For a while.

So, the latest news is that the Senate has passed a continuing resolution and debt ceiling bill which the House is also likely to pass, with both Democratic and (some) Republican votes. So there are still some grown-ups in the Republican Party, and Obama has found a spine. Generally good news all around, I guess. I’ll believe it when I see it, but I’m scared there’s still a monster in the bushes. It ain’t over yet. (Update: maybe it is, the NYT just flashed that the House passed it too, and with a strong bipartisan majority.)

In other news, WordPress iPad app has finally released a bug fix update that doesn’t crash when I try to add a link. Yay for that, it was a pain and a disruption to the train of thought. My train of thought is sometimes an express, sometimes a local, and occasionally gets derailed or just slowed down by a cow on the tracks. It’s been said that my train of thought doesn’t stop at all the stations.

It’s midterm break here, for both the public schools and for MNSCU. So hooray, more streaming video for the girls and maybe catching up on the horrible chore of grading lab reports for me. Older kid is exploring her first college visit this weekend, at Macalester. This isn’t really a serious visit as she’s only a junior. But it’s a chance for her to see a good small college and experience the “sell”. Of course her grandfather and I would be pleased and proud if either or both of the kids went to Carleton but really, what I want is for them to be challenged, stimulated, and cultured into an ethos of intellectual growth. I think one of the most memorable educational hours of my entire high school career was sitting in on a pre-finals review of Econ 10 with Prof. Will as a prospective student.

Not much point to today’s post, but feeling a bit apprehensive about next week. Stay tuned, faithful reader, for the next episode.


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