Achievement Unlocked!

Here’s the big news I hinted at yesterday! I’m officially approved for my first sabbatical ever. I’ll be working on converting my class notes and worksheets into a coherent whole, adding in reflection and metacognitive questions,  then making them into an e-book with interactive figures and (I hope) even machine-checkable exercises.

To do this I’ll be doing a lot of learning of software tools and web tools, probably integrating ChemDoodle into HTML and maybe iBooks Author. You can read all about my learning curve – and see betas of some of the tech stuff – by following posts tagged Sabbatical.

I’ll have to learn how to take my rudimentary HTML skills from “yay, I can make a link tag” to quite a bit higher. Fortunately my employer has a site license to so I can get plenty of tutorials from there.


One thought on “Achievement Unlocked!

  1. Congrats on the sabbatical; it should be a great opportunity to take on the major reorganisation of your teaching resources that you are planning, and that would be very difficult otherwise. I share your interest in machine-checkable exercises, and have been trying to develop a web site along those lines. You might be interested in “ChemInteractive” (; it’s still at the prototype stage, but some parts are functional. I discovered your blog because ChemInteractive also use ChemDoodle Web Components. CWC is a great resource, and the fully documented API is vital for this kind of project. I would be very interested in any reaction to ChemInteractive.

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