testing the new bluetooth keyboard

i just got a new bluetooth keyboard for the iPad. it seems to work easily. Pairing was no problem, it feels much nicer to type on a mechanical keyboard than on the ipad screen, plus with the external keyboard I have that much more screen space.

it was a great deal, $30 and free shipping for an $80 item, the Zagg Flex keyboard and case-stand.

it has a flexible case for the keyboard that folds to make a stand. That, i am not using yet, but just the detachable keyboard is pretty good. Nice to have the arrow keys (sorely missing from ipad built-in), plus the traditional row with numbers and punctuation, without having to tap a selection key. The size is a little smaller than a standard keyboard, but for this hunt-and-peck typist it’s fine. a touch-typist might find it to small.
I also like that it’s not built into an ipad sleeve but can be used separately. that means, if I wanted to , I could even pair it with an iphone or a laptop…

The tactile keys make a bit of noise when typing, but less than those of my office pc keyboard.

It’s a keeper.